Automated Car Parking System In Dubai:

With advancements of technology in all fields of life, we see everything being switched to automation to maximum possible level. People are no more prone to work physically but they prefer to make use of the automated services wherever possible. Keeping this in mind the officials of Dubai has begun investing in automated car parking systems. In this piece of writing, we will be talking about this system briefly.

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Automated car parking system in Dubai is a car parking management system. It is an architecture which has been developed in a way to ensure the management of car parking areas. This car parking is well equipped with an automatic till. It is based on the features that are usually there in the automated car parking systems around the world.

Automated car parking system in Dubai is a system that has been facilitated with an entry and an exit gate. These gates are equipped with closed-circuit television cameras to capture the image of the vehicle’s number plate when it comes in and goes out respectively. The system communicates via the internet with the help of a remote control center.

The Automated car parking system in Dubai has been donned with all the state of arts parking management systems meeting requirements of the innovative and professional management of modern car parking. This system provides car parking facilities for both the multi-storey as well as ground parking facility with several other features.

Parking Management System In Dubai

Parking management system in Dubai has been designed to amuse the users with all the features that are expected of it. Some of these features are as follows:

  • The customers park their vehicle in a large hand over the room just the way he would have done in a garage at his or her home. The advantage is that parking aid will be offered to precisely tell if the car is in the correct position or not. The vehicle is weighed and measured afterward.
  • The customer has to answer 3 questions in a side room and receives the ticket.
  • Once the sensors confirm that there is no human or animal there in the vehicle, the car is parked along with the palette into the transport unit where it is realigned.
  • With palette, the parking management system in Dubai ensures that there is no harm caused to the vehicle. It is because it is not touched during the parking process. Once the realignment is done the car is transported to an empty parking space in the shelf system.
  • On returning, the customer pays the parking fee to the payment machine. Once paid, the transport unit retrieves the vehicle from the shelf and it is brought to the shelf room.
  • The customer drives the car out. He or she does not have to drive the car back as it is already positioned in the right direction.

Some Of The Applications Of These Systems Include The Following:

  • Security of the public car places like public car parks, stations, banks, malls etc
  • Access control for campsites, hotels, and clubs
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Access control for industrial logistics and suppliers

This is how Parking management system in Dubai is making things easier for the public in every possible manner.

For such a system one cannot rely on any service providers but need to ensure that one is in the safe hands of automated car parking system manufacturers. If we browse online, there are several companies offering services of being automated car parking system manufacturers. It is your responsibility to see if they are reliable enough to be worked with or not. There are several ways of knowing that. For instance, the best way is to access their official website.

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There you will come to know what kind of parking system they manufacture. You can have a detailed look on the types of systems they offer and see if they meet your requirements or not? Moreover, you can also see the testimonials and have an idea about the professionalism. But this alone is not enough.

In case you feel that they fall under the criteria then you should try to see them in person. At times, people claim a lot virtually while in practice they do not offer that much. Meeting in person with the professionals will show if they are really serious about their business or not. On meeting, you may also ask about how much are they going to charge and other relevant significant things that must be asked of automated car parking system manufacturers?

Car Parking Management System Suppliers

They must also be inquired about where they get their car parking management system suppliers. It is because the durability of the overall system depends on these supplies. Therefore, a trustworthy and reliable car parking management system suppliers should be dealt with. Some of these supplies include the car parking sensor, electronic toll collection system, toll management system, parking space locator, parking ticket machines, hydraulic car parking system, vertical parking system, stacked parking systems, parking management systems and so much more.

car parking management system in dubai

It does not matter if you own a mall where there is always a need for the car parking management system or you are a managerial employee in a mall. Such a system is needed to ensure that your customers do not feel any difficulty in car parking. At least, you should not lose a customer only because you don’t have proper parking system. This is why you need to ensure having car parking management system suppliers amusing you with the solution to the car parking management system.

It will enhance your professional image, and ensure easy parking for the customers. Happy customers mean added income to your account. Until a few years back, these parking systems were not considered to be trustworthy however things are different now. More and more people are making use of these systems. These systems have made things really easy and better in every manner. It is suggested to you to make use of these systems to add to the technological advancements and make the overall infrastructure better in every manner. You will not regret using these systems in any manner.

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