Making use of automated car parking systems
October 17, 2018
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December 15, 2018

Are automated car parking systems really worth it?

Are automated car parking systems really worth it?

No one would have ever thought that there would be a time when we will have automated car parking system. Well the time is around and we have automated car storage and parking systems. These systems enable you to reserve your car parking before you actually reach the destination.

No doubt in such a limited car parking spaces, it becomes difficult and stressful for the drivers to park their vehicles. In such circumstances having an idea that a place has been reserved for you looks attractive and appealing.
For such automated multilevel car parking system graphical representation of the spaces is accessible. The customers can choose and then reserve the space. Just a few years back, the same idea seemed to be absurd however it is happening in real world.

Reservation of seat ensures saving time and not to worry about the available space. The automated multilevel car parking system is well integrated and enables the customers to check in the reserved space automatically. The system detects the number place and allows the automatic entry.

With these automated car parking systems, such as Parkeyes parking management system in Dubai you can park the car with a single press of button. The vehicle is parked by using the automated system. The vehicle is lifted and placed automatically to the level where the parking space has been assigned.

Some of the advantages of the Parkeyes parking management system in Dubai are as follows:

Security: When the car is in the mechanical car parking system, the vehicle remains safe from all kinds of damages. Theft is not possible too as the car is inside the car parking storage and it is not accessible to anyone. No one can break in to the car and last but not the least, it remains safe from adverse weather conditions.

You will easily find the vehicle as the system will tell you that from which hand over room you will be handed over the vehicle. An added use is that is the 24 hours monitoring. The customers are never left alone in such vehicle storage system.

Speed: After parking the car in the automated system you can at once leave for your business. There will not be any long walk to park and drive the vehicle from such a storage system.

Cost effective: Construction as well as the follow up costs of these car systems is modest. Such a system requires lesser real estate and excavation. Secondly, the overall operations in this regards incur lesser maintenance, services as well as energy costs.

Flexible planning: There are several ideas that can be used to design the external mechanical parking. The manufacturers of these systems work professionally in a speedy manner. All one has to do is to contact them and they will offer you the solutions how you can make use of the space for Parkeyes parking management system in Dubai.

AKS International Security System is one of the experienced and professional service providers in this regards. Feel free to access their site i.e. for more details.

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