How To Connect CCTV Camera To Mobile Phone?
October 9, 2019
What You Should Look For In CCTV Camera Installation Companies In Dubai?
January 10, 2020
cctv camera in dubai

How Is A CCTV Camera Being Useful?

cctv camera in dubaiIt cannot be denied that CCTV camera systems are among the best devices that are used to protect the houses as well as business establishments. With installation of CCTV camera thieves are prevented to break in and stealing the valuable items. There are different kinds of these CCTV camera security systems. In fact if you go to stores you will definitely have hard time to select one system for you. Being a resident of Dubai you will be aware of the fact that Samsung CCTV camera distributor in Dubai can easily be accessed.

Installation Of CCTV Camera

There are several companies offering services for the installation of CCTV camera and AAKSS is one of the leading names in the said industry. Getting installation via us will give you peace of mind that your property’s surveillance is in safe hands in every manner. There are several benefits of having these latest security cameras installed and some of these are as follows:

Clear Recording:

The shift of CCTV cameras from analog to digital ones mean that the users will have photos as well as videos having higher resolutions. This advanced technology has paved the way for new kinds of CCTV cameras. Some of the latest cameras get clearly recorded video footages. In this way it becomes easier to send criminals in prison via these clear videos.

Easily Upgraded:

Modern day CCTV camera systems are upgraded easily. In a CCTV camera kit, there are several cameras along with DVR equipment. As far as the equipment supports, you may add to the number of cams by plugging in to the CCTV system. It was not allowed in the analog systems.

Ability To View Recordings From Anywhere:

By connecting the CCTV cameras with the mobile phone it has become possible for the users to view recordings from anywhere in the world be connecting it to the internet. This is nothing less than a blessing when one is out there for a family vacation.

How one can connect the CCTV camera with an Android mobile phone?  

With the latest cameras, there is an option that enables the Android phone and camera to get connected. All one needs to do is to enable the WiFi functioning. For older cameras, connection between the WiFi and Android phone is done via router. There is yet an alternative that works in most of the cases that are as follows:

  • Enable the hotspot function on your phone
  • Connect the camera to the hotspot of Android enabled WiFi
  • Now have a direct connection between the camera and the phone and make use of the FLIR mobile

When you will step out to find companies to find answer for how to connect CCTV camera to Android mobile phone pdf files will be accessible. Read on step by step and you will find the answer in no time. All you need to ensure is that you are reading the how to connect CCTV camera to Android mobile phone pdf via reliable resource. Best way is to hire a reliable company like AAKSS to do things for you. Browse our official site to know more about our services. How To Connect CCTV Camera To Mobile Phone?

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