Manufactured from aluminiumised vacuum coated shatterproof acrylic, with an abrasion resistant
coating. Utilising a non-uniform radius profile that maximises the field of view and
minimises distortion.

NC100 - Convex Mirror

An oval elliptical mirror, which extends the driver's field of view, from low down close to the vehicle, right out to the wider areas not normally visible with conventional flat mirrors.

HD052 - High Definition Convex Mirror

Featuring industry’s first ‘Bi-optic’ mirror lens. Unlike most convex mirrors, it combines a pair of focal points to seamlessly concentrated focal power where you need it most.

SC010 - Convex Half Wing Mirror

Quadra-spherical blind spot mirror for either use as a forward facing or wing type mirror, exposing areas that normally remain hidden. The quadra-spherical lens design focuses on the most important quadrants of an oval sphere, omitting the unnecessary top portion that normally introduces overhead distractions and glare.

Camera - OPT5200

Reversing camera's - Optronics OPT5200 industrialised colour camera system complete with colour monitor.

Optronics - 360

Taking visibility up to the next level literally. for the first time, opertators can now have a real timebird's eye view of their entire vehicle and its surrondings. No compromise . No cutting corners. And no limitations on all round visibility when people's lives and safety at stake.

Safety Whips

ARA safety whips . . . . with larger and larger vehicles working in or around construction sites& quarries the need for visual verification of small workplace vehicles & pickups is critical to a safe operation.


Vehicle Collision Avoidance System. A comprehensive range of bespoke forward, rear and off-side object detection systems for use in hostile off-road environments. Industrialised ultrasonic technology alerting an operator of immediate dangers within a preconfigured danger zone.

Safety Lighting

ARA strobe and LED safety lighting products, ultra bright, adjustable intensity, long life, cost effective.

Talking Alarms

ARA talking alarms - with bleeps fading into the background due to the many different noises in cab
and on sites, talking alarms are more distinguishable and instantly recognisable can be
customised with any message.

Stick Test

Our simple Stick Test is a quick & effective way to measure equipments "Allround Vision."
Call us a for free onsite demo.


Roll over restraint Inertia type lap belts Lap & diagonal


A complete range of pulsed radar object detection sytems designed for use on-road and off, detecting 100% of both moving and static objects in a specific area of coverage.
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