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September 19, 2018
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Making use of automated car parking systems

Computerization of processes is becoming a common practice these days and car parking procedures is one of these. With automated systems; parking becomes more fast, efficient, and safe. Software has been designed to offer solutions to various parking problems. Such software is also responsible for making the space sufficient, environment friendly, convenient to be used and economically sound.

Underlined are examples of several automated car parking systems that are used in Dubai.

Make reservations beforehand: Some of these car parking systems allow you to reserve the slot beforehand. It saves time that is spent looking for the parking space. The system presents the graphical picture of the spaces available for the car. When a space is reserved, the system detects the number place and allows you to enter.

car parking management system in dubai

Automated operations: This one is the fully automated car parking system in Dubai. You press a single button and the car is parked for you.  It is done by using the computer system where the car is lifted and placed to the assigned level automatically.

The biggest advantage of this system is that the parking attendant will provide the details. The customer drops off the vehicle in the hand over room; lifting mechanism turns the vehicle in the right direction and moves it to the car stacking system.

Some of the other benefits of these automated systems include the usage of space between the hand over room and destination. They are the movable parking units. This blend of moveable and fixed racks enables the automated car parking systems to make maximum use of parking space. It ensures high capacity parking with minimum space usage.

Automated car parking system in Dubai is very useful and hence these must be brought to use. If you are a mall owner and looking for these systems, you need to ensure that you are working with professionals like AKS International Security System. Access their official site to know more about them i.e. www.aksinternational.ae.

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