AAKSS International Security Systems LLC is provides Public Address System In Dubai (PA system), is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public, for example for announcements of movements at large and noisy air and terminals, warehouse, factory etc.

Public address system Services:
  • Detailed Site Survey.
  • Turnkey solution including the cabling and hardware.
  • Design and Implementation of Public Address System.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract.

For further detail, please visit our Specialty menu for reference schematic or send us your detail inquiry for immediate response at sales@aksinternational.ae

We depend on our mastery in acoustic configuration to adequately position our framework parts in the field. We offer a full examination of existing crisis frameworks, a forecast of foundation commotion levels and different components that could impact sound engendering, a determination of acoustic prerequisites for execution, and new plans for full acoustic scope to guarantee the dependability and adequacy of our framework and Public Address System In Dubai.

Our aptitude in excess framework plan, remote correspondence, reinforcement power frameworks, existing framework mix and indicative observing produces a dependable, field-tried last item.


We perceive that in a crisis, numerous strategies for notice can spare lives. We can flawlessly coordinate with other existing warning frameworks, including crisis instant messages, phone alarms, and email and desktop cautions, hence we are expert in Public Address System design.


Public Address System in Dubai has been known for its unwavering quality and quality affirmation, its industry-driving voice clarity and message stockpiling capacity, and it’s focused evaluating. Prominent customers incorporate Dubai.


The particular configuration of Public Address System design hardware is anything but difficult to utilize, work and keep up which will furnish the client with huge funds amid the framework's lifetime.


Our fabricates the framework considering what's to come. The framework is a particular configuration and the product is expandable and can be changed by the end client to suit extra hardware into the framework.


Our gear is worked to meet the appropriate government necessities and industry models in a savvy way.


Our Systems are intended to use the current radio system foundation. We interface to a boundless quantities of radio frameworks, traditional and trunked, from numerous producers, for example, Motorola, TAIT, Ericsson/GE, and Kenwood, among others. Likewise, ATI utilizes a few techniques for advanced correspondence, for example, Ethernet, fiber optics, cell modems, remote work, microwave and satellite.


The accompanying data relates to sources where stipends might be accessible for subsidizing the buy of speaker/siren and correspondence framework gear and administrations. Public Address System in Dubai companies suggests that you contact the proper stipends officer inside your Region or County Emergency Management Department for extra data before starting your application process.

Public Address System design companies suggests the accompanying particular stipend programs for speaker/siren correspondence hardware buys. The Department of Homeland Security is the financing office for these projects:

• State Homeland Security Program (SHSP)
• Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI)
• Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP)
• Citizen Corps Program (CCP)
• Emergency Management Performance Grant Program (EMPG)
• Buffer Zone Protection Program (BZPP)
• Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG)
• Port Security Grant Program (PSFP)
• Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP)
• FEMA Mitigation Grants (FEMS)
• Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP)

We likewise offers lease buy programs for our gear and administrations that give numerous monetary and open security preferences including:

• Means to accomplish crisis cautioning abilities and readiness in an all the more auspicious way
• Fixed-decreased hardware price tag exploiting amount buys
• May take out excessive and tedious offer procedures
• Low business loan fees offered to groups and government organizations
• Full lease for turnkey establishments covering plan, producing, incorporation, development, establishment, improvement, and on-going administration and upkeep costs
• Standardization of gear

Complete System Approach

Public Address System In Dubai companies offers a complete framework approach, from configuration administrations to guarantee appropriate framework arrangement and choice, through long haul administration and upkeep to guarantee your venture endures.

• Comprehensive acoustic investigation and demonstrating
• In-house building, venture administration, and framework plan staff
• Indoor and open air alarming gear
• Multi-layered warning through sound, visual, phone, and system alarming
• System and hardware quality confirmation testing
• Construction supervision and framework establishment
• Startup and charging by a manufacturing plant prepared framework authority
• System administrator preparing
• Long-term administration and support contracts

Acoustic Design

Public Address System in Dubai companies offers a broad scope of administrations in connection to the estimation and forecast of sound levels and the viability of caution frameworks in different situations. We normally lead investigations of existing crisis frameworks, assess foundation commotion levels and components affecting sound engendering, decide acoustic prerequisites for execution, and produce new plans for acoustic scope.

Our ability gives turnkey arrangements, empowering the improvement of savvy and ideal outlines, together with full establishment and usage support.

Framework Engineering

We offers a wide scope of correspondence and control capacities to alter every framework to the requirements of its customers. In the field of crisis cautioning and mass warning frameworks, the dependability of a framework, in even the most unfriendly conditions, is totally critical. Our skill in excess framework outline, remote correspondence, reinforcement power frameworks, existing framework coordination, and symptomatic observing, help customers achieve both their preferred configuration and usage.

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