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Audio Visual System for Auditorium / Multipurpose Hall For Saudi German Hospital Ajman Through International Hospital Construction Company

AAKSS International Security Systems LLC is a technology based ELV Solution Provider and Systems Integrator primarily involved in providing Integrated Low Current Solutions to Buildings, Hospitals,Banks, Shopping Malls, Warehouses inclusive Private, Government and Semi-Government Sectors. The company offers its clients a comprehensive range of complete turnkey ELV (Low Current) solutions including the Audio Visual System.

M/S IHCC (International Hospital Construction Company) is the main contractor of Saudi German Hospital (SGH) for entire projects in GCC.

IHCC awarded contract to M/S AAKSS International Security Systems L.L.C. (AKS) for design, supply and installation of Audio Visual System for SGH-Ajman Auditorium.

Project Overview:

Saudi German Hospital- AJMAN is one of the biggest private hospital groups in the Middle East and one of the top hospitals in UAE offering a wide range of medical services which includes all the major specialties & sub-specialties along with an advanced critical care unit which adheres to the highest international standards.

The Auditorium project comprises of 4.2 meters x 2.3 meters 4K LED Wall Display, full range active array speaker system, loud speaker management system, wireless microphone handheld and lavalier mics system, switcher and distributor system, assistive listening system, intercom system, and video archiving system.

            In this project, we used DataVideo, Creston, FBT, Galaxia,Shure, Yamaha, Extreme and Extron brands. This auditorium fully equipped with acoustics, stage lighting, seating and carpeting.

Auditorium is located in the second floor of the hospital to conduct seminars, medical conferences, clinical workshops, and even live surgical demonstration because of Video Conferencing System (Live Streaming / Broadcasting). It has the capacity to host more than 200 participants.

A huge part of the audience’s experience in the auditorium design will be the acoustics. The ideal acoustic environment in an auditorium is one where the visual and auditory experiences are captivating, intimate, and efficient. The auditory experience is uniquely shaped by the acoustics of room.  

There are basic components that must be considered for the Auditorium to function properly including the acoustic requirements for better sound feedback to the audiences from the first row up to the last row at the 2nd floor of the Auditorium and visuals of the stage with LED Wall Display. The geometry of the room designed to naturally enhance the acoustics of the room, while also taking variable and enhanced acoustic materials and applied equipment into consideration.

AAKSS International Security Systems L.L.C. (AKS) installed world class equipment for SGH-Ajman Auditorium to showcase the Saudi German Hospital Group’s vision of aiming to become the premier healthcare provider and the employer of choice drawing the best talent, in the MENA region.

Following partners as Manufacturer are involved in this Project: FBT-Italy for full range active array and stage speaker system, Extron-USA for digital signal processor and loud speaker management system, Yamaha- Japan for audio interface and audio mixer, Shure-USA for the antenna, wired vocal microphone, conference microphone, wireless handheld and lavalier mics system, William Sound-USA for assistive listening system and Extreme-USA for the wireless access point of AV Control system.

Galaxia, Korean brand custom the 4.2×3.8 meters LED Wall Display 2.5mm PP UHD and accessories. While DataVideo, Netherlands based company for the Video Streaming Solution and Intercom system with 5 HD and HD PTZ cameras.

It’s truly an honor for us to have a State of the Art System in IHCC (International Hospital Construction Company) for Saudi German Hospital- Ajman through AAKSS International Security Systems L.L.C. (AKS).

AAKSS International Security Systems LLC aims to provide a high-end solution and a world class technology related to Audio Visual System. With our Vision to achieve the set goals in fulfilling the pledge of market requirements in providing Low Current solutions complying with the investment of our client to fit their required application to the performance of their security, structured cabling, networking, Public Address System and also Audio Visual System.

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