Saudi German Hospital-Ajman: Car Parking Guidance And Paid Parking Management

AAKSS International Security Systems LLC is a technology based ELV Solution Provider and Systems Integrator primarily involved in providing Integrated Low Current Solutions to Buildings, Banks, Shopping Malls, Warehouses inclusive Private, Government and Semi-Government Sectors. The company offers its clients a comprehensive range of complete turnkey ELV (Low Current) solutions including the Car Parking Management System.

parking system in dubaiM/S IHCC (International Hospital Construction Company) is the main contractor for Saudi German Hospital (SGH) for entire projects in GCC.

The IHCC awarded contract to M/S AAKSS International Security Systems L.L.C. (AKS) for design, supply and installation of Car Parking Management and Guidance System.
This project based in Ajman and having Bed hospital as well training centers for doctors.

Project Overview:

Saudi German Hospital- AJMAN is one of the biggest private hospital groups in the Middle East and one of the top hospitals in UAE offering a wide range of medical services which includes all the major specialties & sub-specialties along with an advanced critical care unit which adheres to the highest international standards. The project comprises of two-storey basement parking with a total of 123 parking spaces; 56 parking lots in the first basement and 67 parking lots in the second.

Following partners as Manufacturer are involved in this Project.

parkeyes in dubaiParkEyes– the only camera-based guidance system with video surveillance and video recording from all cameras, whatever the size of the project originates in Spain with strong presence in Latin America, USA, Canada, Europe and also here in the Middle East serving Shopping Malls, Airports, Business Centers, Hospitals, Public Parking, Hotels and others. ParkEyes is a technology company with more than 15 years of experience in License Plate Recognition market for Parking, access control, high speed and traffic studies using LPR, having its own LPR engine and advanced analytical video algorithms. This experience leads to the fact that ParkEyes is the best solution for camera-based Parking Guidance system.

Turkish Manufacturer Established In Istanbul

GateSet– a global Turkish manufacturer established in Istanbul that provides access control and security solutions with more than 11 years of experience. GateSet Central Payment Parking Management Systems provide reliable, flexible and user friendly solutions for parking management and are compatible for busy areas with high capacity. Through their local and international partners and sales agencies in worldwide, the company continuously invests and develops the product line to meet at the highest level of expectations. Gate Set Central Payment Parking Management Systems provide reliable, flexible and user friendly solutions for parking management and are compatible for busy areas with high capacity. Gate Set provides a complete end to end solution for fee collection and membership management for public and private car parking areas.

Park Eyes Camera Units

parkeyes parking system

Park Eyes Camera Units were used for Parking Guidance System with Stand-alone internal processor for space occupancy with unique video based guidance system with real time video surveillance and video recording of all cameras at the same time; 123 Megapixel IP Camera one for each two spaces. 29 RGB Led Indicator one for each one space, 22 RGB Led Indicator one for each two spaces, and 10 RGB Led Indicator one for each four spaces. The project server’s and database with high performance server and processing power able to run the sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that display real time images from all ParkEyes cameras on the project.

ParkEyes System Uses A Communications

Indoor and Outdoor Signaling LED Display with unique LED display for car park guidance with multi-message function with each display can show up to 4 different messages alternatively each X seconds (configurable). ParkEyes system uses a communications network based on CiscoTM devices to ensure huge data bandwidth flow and improved balance of hundreds or thousands of cameras working in the same network. This shows how ParkEyes becomes one of the best technology companies for Car Parking System.

Paid Parking Management System

For Paid Parking Management System, Gate Set, originates from Turkey, was chosen as the provider of Plate Recognition System and parking payment center software interface. Automatic Number Plate Recognition provides state of the art vehicle access inspection with success rate of 98.2% in daylight and 99.2% in nighttime. The system used is ideal for broad range of use from high-speed, highway traffic inspection to parking lot management facilities like hospitals.

Plate Recognition Cameras

Gate Set offers extensive activity report for each recorded license plate with integration with access control products and ticketing system, assignment and warning of banned license plates, unlimited subscriber and registration recording and optional parking payment calculation module. Plate Recognition Cameras have high-speed, long distance real- time transmission with HD and standard definition dual-output.

The Ticket Collector Machine

The system component of ticket dispenser machine the key features of complete PLC Control with high reliability, durable color display touch screen with programmable features, embedded contact less type proximity card reader for membership or VIP passage and barcode ticket collector that reads barcode at both side with no inserting direction. The ticket collector machine has the same key features as the ticket dispenser with fast, reliable and high speed ticket printing within 1.5 seconds. Parking Management Software with user interface Graphical User Interface (GUI) and detailed report generation, monthly, weekly or daily cash collection report, membership monitoring and reporting passage data based in the information gathered.

AAKSS International Security Systems LLC aims to provide a high-end solution and a world class technology related to Car Parking Guidance and Paid Parking Management System. Our Mission is to lead you to safety and ensure security with protecting your investment in every aspect of your life. Our target is to secure you, and our reward is your total satisfaction. Advanced technology, skillful team, and expertise are our three drives. We look forward to please your needs and appeals.

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