SpeedGate Turnstile

As we know security is the biggest issue in this era so owners of different car parking, hotels or companies have to take the security measures to prevent the entry of the irrelevant people in their properties. SpeedGate Turnstile is one of the best tool/device which acts as a semi- permeable devices and prevents the non-staff persons to enter some entity.

How SpeedGate Turnstile Works?

Speed Gates Turnstile

SpeedGate is actually one of the smartest devices which does not allow everyone to enter in a specific property, it acts as a barrier for the two way traffic (of people) and allows to move in one way only.

SpeedGate Turnstile is usually used at the places where paid services are provided e.g. in dance clubs or cricket stadiums. It only allows the people if they enter the specific coin, token, ticket or card into the machine to get an access to the venue.

This machine contains two barriers and is planted on the entrance points, when somebody tries to enter without their coin or token then these barriers will be acting as a resistant, while on the other hand, if he/she enters the coin than machine will definitely allow you to enter.

It does not act as a barrier for the unknown people but also counts the number of entered people and at the end of the day owner/manager of the company can easily get to know the exact number of the entered people.

Optical SpeedGate Turnstile

This typical turnstile does not contain any side arms, in fact, it is more advanced form of the turnstile and uses the invisible beam to count and prevent the illegal entrances.
Using SpeedGate Turnstile can help a lot in enhancing the security and gives a feel of safety
and privacy. In addition, it can also help in catching the thieves.

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