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Walk through Detector

With years experienced and solidify and arrangement authorization aptitude we give defensive viable assurance specialist security danger and an approved get to while giving framework regulatory the security and control they require.

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Stroll Through metal finder is a sort security entryway for fare, imported fire board material, has the upsides of light weight and waterproof. The entryway is of body tallness and with both sides’ segment aluminum amalgam caution markers. With electromagnetic fields, metal things can be identified put helped however human when go through the caution gadget, things like different control apparatuses, weapons, metal items, electronic items and other metal articles, and so forth.

Garrett Magna Scanner

A Walk Through In Dubai is a superb chip based stroll through metal finder that gives unrivaled metal separation and recognition. Highlights a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that naturally smothers or dispenses with electrical impedance connected with x-beam gadgets, video screens and correspondences hardware, lessening the probability of annoyance cautions and eventually enhancing activity throughput.

Walk through and Detector

Item Functions:

  1. Six interweaved identification locales of a similar high with the body and consolidating LED caution light on section, showing the territory of metal recognized precisely
  2. Single Line LCD screen boards, with capacity of remote controller work
  3. 6+2 investigation zone; six autonomous investigation range, an entire investigation zone, a steady, more precise recognition
  4. Two section alert area: showing the place of goal with inherent ultra-high LED boards
  5. Affectability of each region can be balanced freely from 0-99, disposing of obstruction of booked metal
  6. Solid against impedance: Digital and simple circuit configuration to avert wrong caution
  7. Watchword assurance work: simply permitting approved faculty to work gear keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee security
  8. Checking insights highlights: shrewd activity and police counter measurements work, figured through the volume and recurrence of alert

Item Parameters:

  1. Caution way: Audio Alert, and LED Location light work at same time.
  2. Identification Zone: 6 zone
  3. Show ways: Single-line of LCD show
  4. Affectability: 0-99 customizable
  5. The primary body with waterproof capacity.
  6. Burrow Size: 200(L)*70(W)*56(H) cm
  7. Measurement: 222(L)*82(W)*67(H) cm
  8. Net Weight: 54.5kg/set Gross Weight: 65.kg/set
  9. Bundle Size: Main Body: 230*72*25cm (2 piece/container)

Have Machine: 78*47*28cm (1 piece/container)


  • Government Buildings
  • Embassies
  • Police Facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Prisons and prisons
  • Military Bases
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Power plants
  • Research Sites
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