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Superior quality gather framework: The item embrace the new outline of High-definition gather, with high picture definition, great hostile to impedance execution, the hardware experience long-lasting testing before leave industrial facility, great execution, low disappointment rate.

New incorporation program: New F-star program, non-PC HDD framework, chip coordination, better security, and higher operation effectiveness.

Luggage Machine In Dubai: When the framework begin or in the ordinary work, it can provoke the framework working state if the hardware have broken, opportune and precisely instant.

Luggage Machine

Improve the zoom work: Provide the 100-continuation intensification work for little l things, contrasted with the conventional Level 16 amplification, the greater execution, the enhancement impact is more perfect.

Rapid chip HDD Luggage Machine In Dubai: The conventional hardware dependably receive by and large ale limit HDD.As the gear in ordinary work need to handle a lot of information and store so effectively purpose struggle and Crash ,while embrace the plan of fast PC chip HDD can enhance the preparing power and the soundness of work.

Security X-Ray Machine image information administration framework: To accomplish a restricted stockpiling ability to store more information and to encourage the client to see the spared picture information. he framework spares the picture by date, it the photo pressure work, worked away limit discovery, when the limit is deficient, they will erase eeriest spared the old picture information, o guarantee that the capacity of new picture In a similar time ,the framework give online picture perusing, can rapidly peruse and spare any pictures

Spare various formats Security X-Ray Machine: Users can have a superior decision to spare the picture arrange, giving BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG and other picture designs.

Give client benefit: the framework can be interested in a portion of the interface, for example, the client’s needs, modify the shade of the photo, or as per client sensible prerequisites to increment other useful capacities, for example, requesting rapid rate framework.

Luggage Machine

Picture preparing framework

X-beam Sensor: L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-fiery), 16bit deep

Screen: High Resolution, LCD Accord, 19 inch

Picture Processing: 24bit for Processing Real Time

Edge Enhancement: Object Contour Edge Is More Distinct

Super Image Enhancement: Image Detail Is More Distinct

High Penetrate Strength Display: Increase of dim zone in picture to show protest which is behind high absorptive mass particularly

Low Penetrate Strength Display: Increase difference of low absorptive mass (simple to penetrate)to show it particularly

Picture Magnifier: Partial Magnification, Dynamic Real-Time 100-level Magnification

Lighting up/Dimming: Increase Brightness of Image/Decrease Brightness of Image

Picture Recurrence: Display Previous Twenty Images and Process Any One of Them

Picture Restoration: One Touch Image Display, Revert to the Original State

Picture Storage: High-speed Electronic Hard Disk, Can Store 500,000 Pictures in Real Time and Process it in Operation Status

Working Environment of Security X-Ray Machine

Working Temperature/Humidity: 0℃ to 45℃/20% to 95% non-consolidating

Capacity Temperature/Humidity:–20℃ to 60℃/20% to 95% non-consolidating

Framework Power: 220 VAC (±10%) 50±3HZ

Control wastage: 0.5 KW (Max)

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